Victoria Bujny

Hi there! I'm happy our internet paths have crossed today
Get ready for some "About Me" Facts to come your way
A Michigan Native, based out of Chicago - I love the Midwest
I've got skills in marketing, sales, project management and more; my resume can attest
Currently managing digital strategies at Google for brands like Exxon, KFC, and Taco Bell
I manage relationships, analyze data, and story tell
I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed
And always looking for complex problems to tackle and lead
Interested in opportunities that can transform healthcare
Believe in exchanging ideas and that problems won't be solved unless we share
During my spare time, when I'm not dropping a rhyme
I improvise at Second City. Make things happen at the drop of a dime.

You can learn more about me below,
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Interested In 

​Involved With

  1. Project Management 
  2. Partner Management
  3. Sales 
  4. Digital Marketing 
  5. AdWords, Analytics, YouTube
  6. Social Media 
  7. Public Speaking
  8. ​Event Planning 
  9. Market Research
  10. Fluent in Polish
  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Healthcare 
  3. Digital Marketing 
  4. Artificial Intelligence 
  5. Psychology
  6. Podcast/ Book Reccomendations